Need help adding the #502 to Fusion

I’m trying to “fix” the #502 PCB Engraver that’s in my Fusion 360 library. I imported the library, but the #502 that was imported shows a 30-degree taper angel, not a 40-degree. So I am wondering if that’s why my project isn’t cutting on my Nomad 3.

There is no “official” C3D tool library for Fusion that I know of (Winston shared his library ages ago), and it is quite possible that there be mistakes. It’s definitely important for the tool def in Fusion to match the physical characteristics of the actual tool, so you should indeed modify that angle to 40° (I don’t have a #502 so I can’t check it’s 40°, but that is what the shop page says, indeed)

Also, wouldn’t you want to (re)create the #502 in the Fusion tool library as “Engraver/Chamfer” type ?

What issues have you seen on your cuts ?

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