Need help, surface cuts are wavy or have ridges on them

The surface on my cuts are producing these wave like cuts.

How do I correct this? One thing I should mention is that the wheels on my Y axis carriages are moving freely. Would this have anything to do with the uneven cuts?

Things to try:


Eccentric spacers have an off-center hole in them. Turning the spacer will allow you to adjust the distance between the wheels up to 1.2mm.

Thanks @WillAdams. You’re always a great help!

Btw, tightening the bottom wheels to the point where they’re barely moving on their own causes another issue. A wheel at the top is now moving freely. Not sure what to do since the docs didn’t mention anything about adjusting the top wheels.

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On the gantry? Unadjust all the wheels so that they’re as open as possible — if need be, loosen the bolts on the end plates, push things down to square, then re-tighten them — gradually adjust the eccentric wheels to tighten things up, ensuring that things stay square.