Need Suggestions for Material Selection and Vendors

I am a high school robotics coach. We just purchased a Shapeoko XL for the program. We will be using it to machine parts for the teams we run. Initially, I would expect most of the parts to be structural and mounted on the outside of our robots and, as we gain more experience, begin to make more specific parts for mechanical purposes. Cost will be a factor as well as we must maintain our financial obligations as a public entity. We are brand new to CNC.

I am looking for guidance on selection of materials and vendors. We are located in Northern Colorado. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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To start, there’s a list of feeds and speeds for appropriate materials here:

Carbide 3D sells a variety of endmills and some materials in our store:

Sparkfun and Robotshop are both god sources as well:

The community has a list of vendors here:

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