Need to know what to use?

I’m wondering if ya’all can help me with this.

I want to cut a map of the outline of Israel to make a charm for my Son, Daughter,and their respective spouses that I’m sending to Israel for the first time.

I need to have recommendation for:

  1. What metal for a thin charm?
  2. What bit to use?
  3. anything else I should be aware of?

Note: I have a 3XXL but NO experience cutting any metal but have cut wooden signs and have engraved them also.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Nickel Silver would probably be the best, most cost-effective material which is still reasonably suitable for jewelry.

There is at least one alloy which cuts similarly to brass.


Great info and THANKS
I’m not sure even where to get the metal from in a local sense? Is there a link on line they you use to find what I’m trying to do or should I just go “fish”?

Are there local types of stores/merchants that might carry the metal I need?


Usually there are specialty shops which supply metals for use — searching for “metal fabrication” may yield a local result.

Two shops which sell metals and have notable on-line presence as well as a network of local pickup points are Fastenal and Grainger.

You can also find inexpensive materials for jewelry at big box art stores such as Michaels.

Two online shops are McMaster-Carr and

A jewelry specialty shop is Rio Grande (ob. discl., they also are a Carbide 3D reseller):

I bought a sheet of nickel silver from a vendor on Amazon which I’m saving for a suitable project once I get my own Nomad.

Pewter cuts like butter on a CNC and is not that expensive. It’s a little soft and pliable but holds its shape well if it’s more than 1mm thick. Here’s a blurry photo of a pendant I cut on a nomad from pewter.


This has got to be the BEST forum on the internet. I do have Michales and Granger very close to me and thanks for the other into as well. I’ll be trying to cut the charms out within the next few weeks and (if they turn out ok) will post them here.


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Post pictures regardless of result! If it doesn’t turn out as you wish you can really experience the power of this fabulous forum! :slight_smile:
There is so much experience around that will help you to get it the way you want!
We are all here to either look at great jobs or help out if people need it

If the imagery is the most important thing, then you might want to consider aluminum.

Excellent. Aluminum it is!


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