Need to move x only with MDI

I need to move X 28" from my Zero and 0" on my Y and Z. I’ve tried a few things and I’m getting movement, but not what I want. And the feedrate it really slow.
This was my most successful code. G01 F1000 X28 Y0 Z0
Can someone help me get what I need? Spending too much time on this.

Why not use a Rapid command?

G0 X28

would work if X position is currently 0.


That’s the simple solution I was looking for. I was obviously overthinking it. Thanks!

X28 only moved 1.102" and I’m set to inches

I suspect that Grbl is still in metric even if the interface in CM is in Imperial

G0 X711.2

I was thinking that, but didn’t want to go too far. Thanks again!

Feedrate is super slow.


G0 X711.2 F1000


F6000 worked for me. I hadn’t gone over 700 before and that didn’t seem to do anything.