Network Cabinet

Friend of mine just moved into a new house, so it was an excuse to make him a house warming present. We are both (old) computer nerds, and one of the projects he has planned for the new house is new network equipment. So I decided he needed a good looking network rack/cabinet.

I started with This 8U rack, so all I had to do is put a nice looking box/skin around the existing rack.

Not perfect, but I really like how it turned out.


That’s a pretty unique 8U rack.
#Hexagons4Ever #GiftsForGeeks
(Bamboo ?)

Me Likey! … :smiley:

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Yes, 1/4 inch bamboo. Too thin to make a box (this size) by itself, but it worked well as a skin around the generic black steel frame. All cuts in the bamboo were either 1/8 inch deep or all the way through. I kept the outside hexagons at 1/8 inch deep as that is where the actual steel frame is.


It looks great as-is but an idea: embed LED lights into it. You could make it look like a typical scifi movie server :smiley:

Some strips (e.g. EL wire) in the PCB traces on the side would look really cool too.

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The Borg … damn 20 characters

I have install so many large rack mount cabinets I hope I never see another one again. However you made this look very good. I like the big chip on the side. Maybe when the machines take over your friend will be spared for having such a good looking homage to machines.


Great work! I am sure your friend loves it!

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Someday I will make a network cabinet for myself… until then have to keep the “really good” ideas (like your LED lights) in the vault :smiley:

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If anyone is thinking about making their own network cabinet without being constrained to a specific size. Another route you could take is to make your own cabinet whatever size/shape you want just get a pair of These Rack Rails.


That’s a great idea.

And don’t forget the lack rack :slight_smile:

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Hey I had some of those Lack tables from Ikea in the past. Ikea used to make some really cool stuff. Now it is mostly Chinesium POC. When you are young Ikea is your friend. As you get older not so much. But your grand children will take your old Ikea stuff.

What did you use to generate your toolpath? I’m working on a similar hexagon heavy piece that will be an HVAC return vent for my son and Fusion hates me. It’s to the point where I have to export it as an STL and let meshcam chew through it.

Carbide Create has a tool for Multi-Sided shapes, then a lot of cut and paste.

Love the top grill design. May make one similar for a guitar cabinet.