New Carbide Create V6 questions

I was unaware of a new Create version. I got a new laptop and downloaded Create and Motion and it is all new. So how come I didn’t know about this update on my older laptop? I checked every now again and never saw anything. Also, on this new version I’ve been messing around with and we can now import images and create will trace it, but it does not let me customize the image once it is traced. Is there a way around this?

Carbide Create no longer checks on updated versions — instead, new versions are announced on the blog:

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How do I edit my flute length in the tool database? There is no option for flute length, only diameter and angle.

It is not an option to edit that field in the program itself, you have to use Help | About | Open Data Directory, then edit the underlying .csv file in the Carbide Create/tools directory.

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Thank you… Have you ever used a 4.2 Degree vee bit? Do you know how well that will clean up the areas that my endmill can’t cut in Advanced Vcarve? Only asking because the simulation does not look like it will come out too well. This will be my first time trying a 4.2 degree.

That is quite an acute angle — we don’t sell any tooling like that, and it very well could be that the V carving preview doesn’t cope well w/ it.

I’d suggest writing out G-Code and previewing in a 3rd part tool such as CAMotics.

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