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I’m entering a vbit into user library in latest cc. I can’t find how to change the number of flutes. Help? Also, did I see in a read somewhere that if using a 60 degree you now enter 60 as the angle for this new version, or am I dreaming and I still put 30? Thanks

In latest versions of CC, the number of flutes does not matter anymore because of its recipe-based approach for feeds and speeds now (the number of flutes would have mattered for calculating feed rate from RPM and chipload, but now that feeds and speeds values are to entered, the number of flutes is irrelevant).

If you do want to set it (for the comfort of seeing the right number of flutes show up in the tool description pane), you will have to edit the tool database CSV file yourself, see:

The angle for V-bits is the included angle (so 60 in your case)


Thank you. Enter 60 as 60 and do t worry about flutes. Thanks!

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