New collets for Makita trim router

I searched on line and was unable to find collets for my trim router. Any suggestions?

Thanks, Cam

If you mean the makita that used to be an option with the shapeoko, the precision collets are made by Elaire. You can order them in a range of inch and metric sizes. I recently got a 3/16" collet for a specialty tool that only came in that shank size.


The Carbide Compact Router and Makita RT0701/0700 use the same collets — ours will work on the Makita.

As @CatalystGilles noted, Elaire Corp. makes nice ones as well and they also work on either unit.


Thank you for that. I will check them out.


And if you need a 3/8in collet, check this out. Makita and Carbie Compact router.

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I get my set for the Makita from
They will have more sizes as you can see on their website.


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