New Dust Shoe V2

Decided I was tired of vacuuming after each run; really liked the “suckit” dust shoe design with independent Z axis. Here is my design…set the shoe high with stock…allows for independent Z movement and entire shoe raises with router when finished run or between rapid movements… hope this video works.


This looks very similar to the one Ive designed and am waiting on a skirt for…

Great looking work, and I’m looking forward to your next video.

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Have added a cyclone to the system now…still fine tuning everything but generally happy :grinning:

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Nice job. How is the design holding up? I’m thinking of building something similar. Any changes you would make?

Design needed some work…had some snagging issues on plunge causing belt to skip on Z axes…decided to go with the suckit dust boot…well worth it.

What about the simpler “router attached” designs. Are those really that much harder to manage than the plunge independent designs? I am getting ready to make one and thought my V1.0 would be the more simple “figure 8” shaped base with magnetic attachment of a bristle plate. I was thinking of making this in wood first with a vinyl sheet that I cut into small strips to make the bristles. Tweak a bit to get it working well then remake in acrylic.

This design is awesome. I’ve been wondering about the best way of using a dust boot some how, and not getting in the way for deeper cuts. Nice job!