New HDZ making a rubbing/grinding noise at the bottom of the axis

New Day, new issue! Life’s always an adventure. A while back I purchased the HDZ and have finally gotten it installed on my XXL. All went well during installation, the instructions and Luke’s video were fantastic. When I upgraded CM and began to move the machine, it homed well but then I went to move the Z gantry up and down to test its movements. When the HDZ nears the bottom of its travel, it makes a rubbing/ grating noise. I lubricated the rails and ball screw, no luck. I checked the coupler’s allen screws and all is tight. I attempted to realign the rails according to the instructions and while the noise definitely quieted while the rails were loose, it never ceased. Once I tightened the rails again, the noise went back to the volume it had been initially. I currently have my new 2.2 KW spindle in the mount but unattached otherwise.

Thanks for any thoughts anyone can provide!

Usually this is caused by a loose dust cap — please contact us at and we’ll do our best to work this out with you.

Unfortunately, two messages sent to support have gone unanswered. Also, I’m afraid it can’t be the dust caps (if you mean the little green ones that are supposed to be inserted after installation) as they aren’t on yet.

I’ve escalated your ticket and we’ll do our best to address this as quickly as we can.

EDIT: we will be replacing this as quickly as we can.

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