New Issue...Spindle won't start

Last time I cut anything was yesterday. Today, I tried to start a cut and the spindle would not start. The button is a lit red circle, but the display is blank. I’ve tried shutting everything down and restarting, checked the cable connections, and making sure the spindle was on in Carbide Motion, but nothing goes… Any idea what might be going on?

The VFD display is completely blank? Does it display anything when powering up? Sounds like your inverter might have died which is different from what most people are seeing.

After shutting down everything are restarting for the third time, it started working again. Might be a dusty connector. I cleaned everything after the first attempt, but the charm was obviously the third try. I will see if it happens again.

I’m hopping it was something stupid. Man I don’t want to deal with replacing parts…especially expensive ones.