New Laptop but Carbide create slllllooooowwwwwwwwww

Brand new to the forums and to CNC’ing (in fact I haven’t even gotten my machine yet). But I downloaded Carbide Create to kind of mess around, follow some tutorials etc and see if I can create some GCodes to try out when I actually get my machine in and built.

So I bought a brand new laptop with the following specs:
Windows 10-64 bit version
8gb Ram
2.5ghz processor

I can do some of the basic stuff with some slow down but when I start trying to do anything with any meat in it like create a USMC flag where I have to make a few copies of the EGA for deleting purposes, the program goes into the “unresponsive” status and might come back, but on several occasions I’ve had to shut it down. Is my laptop just that slow for this? Would I be better off doing a PC with a beefier processor? For such a simple program it sure eats up the usage like a politician wanting a pay raise.

Any help is greatly appreciated


Send any problem files with notes in to us at and we’ll do our best to work through them with you.

If this is a new laptop it could be updating the os. When my laptop is checking and downloading updates it is best I find something else to do. There are two ways to see if it is updates are the culprit.

  1. Open up settings and then Windows updates. If the laptop is updating you will see it.

  2. Press Control Alt Delete at the same time and you will get a menu and select Task Manager. When TM is open select performance and look at disk useage and wifi. If you are getting 90 percent or greater disk usage you will get the unresponsive messages on apps. If wifi is in kbs instead of mbs then background services are slowing you down.

If these are not the problem look at processes and see if something is eating up resources. Check on what is eating resources.

If this laptop is new and you are backing up on line at first that could eat up disk cpu and network resources.

Have not seen others complaining about this so it is most likely something local on your machine. Watch disk useage in TM and it is likely. Windows has come a long way but it still does not multitask well.


That should be fine for running cc and cm. I have a cheap HP windows 10 I purchased and have no problems

I just decided to return it and try and have a basic one built without all the extra BS that comes on the standard laptops.

Has anyone tried the all in one PCs or do most people just use laptops?

I use tablets — have since getting an NCR-3125 running Go Corp.'s PenPoint (and occasionally rebooting into Windows for Pen Computing) — a fanless (sealed) tablet makes a lot of sense in a shop environment and some folks have found the Lenovo Yogabook C930 works well (though I worry about the hinge — I’d get one, except I find Windows Fall Creators update and later unusable, since the stylus is dumbed down to an 11th touch input).

Welcome to the community! I don’t think the processor or memory is the issue. I am using a much older desktop AMD quad core 8GB memory. I think it is a 2GHz. While I don’t use CC, rather Vcarve pro, I have no speed issues except previewing large engraving toolpaths with diamond bits but that would be expected. I think you have an application or process that is hogging your resources. FYI I am using an even slower desktop to drive my XXL using windows7 pro. Note that it is air-gaped and has no antivirus on it because they are HUGE resource hoggs. I run most of my toolpaths from a flash drive with no issues. I have heard others having problems doing that. I would look in your task manager and view what is going on while you are using CC and see what is running.

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Hint: Try an earlier version. I currently use 313 on a POS 8" tablet, that I bought 4 years ago for $39…program runs awesome.

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