New machine settings HDZ

Hi guys,

I have build my 4 XL but I am wondering about the software settings. In the configuration machine type I can pick the 4 or the 4 HDZ option. Same with the Z-Axis type, HDZ or Z-Plus. I have googled leadscrew and ballscrew but it’s not clear to me yet. It’s probably my English, I just want to be sure that I make the right selections…

Thanks for your help!


Hi @Jaap,

The stock Shapeoko4 comes with the “Z-plus” Z axis model, that’s the one with a leadscrew
(The “HDZ” is an add-on based on a ballscrew, that can be purchased separately)

So for your new machine, in the “send configuration data” you should pick “Shapeoko4” from the list:


In the travel dimensions, “load defaults”’ button, you should pick Shapeoko4 XL,


and then “Z-plus”

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Thanks Julien!

One more, when I initialize, the Y stepper motors seem to run in opposite directions. Where have I gone wrong?

Swap the connections between Y left and Y right at the controller side, this should take care of that.
Either you swapped them while connecting them, or the cables were mislabeled

EDIT: I read too fast, do you mean the gantry moves to the front rather than the back, or that the Y motors fight each other and the gantry does not move ?

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The cables say Y-L and Y-R, the controlers says Y1 and Y2. The online manual says that Y1=L and Y2=R… Switching them did the job, thanks! One more issue, the Y limit switch doesn’t work. when I touch them with a metal object, they light up but it doesn’t stop when it travels to the front of the machine…

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Ok, about the Y limit switch:

You mean the back of the machine, correct ? (towards the Y limit switch)

So the switch itself is working. Next, check if it registers:

  • do you see a LED light up on the controller board when you manually trigger it like that ?
  • in Carbide Motion, with the machine connected but not initialized, go to Settings, “Machine” tab, it has a “GRBL Active Input Pins” line, do it display “Y” when you manually trigger the switch ?

If this works and the machine still does not stop at the switch, it is likely a problem in the mechanical position of the switch. With the machine powered off, slowly move the gantry to the far back, as far as it will go, and check what is the distance between the gantry plate and the Y limit switch. Grab a picture while you are in that position

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Also, just checking, what online manual are you using ?

The SO4 XXL instructions seem to have it the correct way (page 66, YR = Y1, YL=Y2)

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No, I mean the front of the machine, away from the Y limit switch…

  • I see the LED’s light up on the controller board.
  • the XYZ limit switches do display XYZ in Carbide Motion…

This one:

Page 66, picture lower-left corner, left to right: X, XL, YR, Z (board left to right is: X, Y2, Y1, Z

It seems like the machine wants to “home” to the right front of the machine…

Ok, so the picture agrees with the text that YL=Y2 and YR=Y1, right ?
(your original message said Y1=YL Y2=YR?)

Anyway, looking at the video I’m now a little confused: this is the symptom of YL and YR being reversed, so I would say switch them…back, and capture a video then ?

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when I switch them back, the left Y motor is turning the opposite side from the right Y
motor so I think they are ok right now… The machine however is trying to find HOME in the right front corner, then hits the endplate.

I have checked the wires, they seem ok. Let’s assume the wires are ok, it seems like the polarity (+ and -) might be wrong somehow, it is trying to find the home spot in the front-right corner. Any other suggestions?

When I check the wiring (from the back of the plugs) of the limit switches it seems off as well somewhere with the black wires.

Another thing that doesn’t make sense (to me). When I take the wires from the YL-motor (see picture below) the wires go in as black - green - white - red and are connected to (same order) green - black - red - white. (so the same colours are not connected)

On the Z and X motor all the colours match…

There are a number of ways to wire up stepper motors — some will result in the same movement despite differing order, others will result in the rotation being reversed.

The Y-axis rotation for one motor is reversed in the board circuitry, so if both are properly counter-rotating, but not in the correct direction, the easiest fix is to power down and swap the two Y-axis connectors at the controller, even if this is counter to the instructions. That will reverse the Y-axis movement and allow things to home at the back right corner.

Please let us know about this at — even if you’re up and running, we need to know about this for QC purposes.

I have tried that but it results in the left Y-motor running in the opposite direction of the right Y-motor…

ok, until you get an answer from support, try this:

  • swap the Y cables back to where the machine was moving towards the front like in your video.
  • go to Settings page in CM, with the machine connected but not initialized, click “Show Log”
  • go to the MDI tab, type $$ and hit send
  • you should see in the log window a dump of the current GRBL params. value $3 should be at 5 ?
  • if so, now type $3=7 in the MDI tab line and hit send
  • initialize the machine: it should move Y towards homing point

To confirm, you are saying that:

  • plugged in correctly, the two motors turn so as to move the gantry forward
  • when swapped, one motor turns so as to move the gantry forward, while the other turns so as to move the gantry backward

Please check in w/ and we’ll do our best to get this sorted out.

This is what’s happening when all cables are connected the way they should according to the labeling on the cables:

Correct, and this is what happens when I swap the Y1 and Y2 cables:

I have sent an email to support… Thanks! I was hoping to start my first project on my new machine this weekend… Guess that’s not gonna happen…

Thanks for your support so far. $3=5 and I changed that to 7. When I try to initialize again, I will get the situation as in video IMG 7615 (the same situation also when I swap Y1 and Y2 again).