New Motherboard

Got a new board and was wondering how to get the metal block off the plate in order to install the new board. Any suggestions? Is it ok to simply turn the face plate the other direction and leave it?

Take something like a putty knife and put it under. As you begin to pry it will come rather easy after the initial stickiness. The new board and cover are two pieces. The top piece and new boards have a hole and connector for the BitRunner. I have a BitRunner and every time I take the cable off to remove the cover I have trouble getting the BitRunner to work without a lot of fiddling with the cable. I cut the inside part of the hole out so I do not have to remove the BitRunner cable to look at the controller board.

If there is residue left behind by the tape I used mineral spirits and let it soak and then the residue just peeled off.

Thank you! That worked. Just wanted to make sure that nothing would tear up.

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