New Nomad 883 Pro No Power After Initial Zero

Received our Nomad 883 Pro. Already owners of same (purchased June 2018) and have loved it and no issues with it to date. However, this latest machine just purchased 9.6.2019 lost complete power after initial set up and zero. Spindle was traveling back to home after set zero and suddenly with no obvious power surge or other issues the power cut out resulting in no cutter recognized error. Interestingly, after unplugging from wall and machine on either end and then plugging back in, the green LED on power supply would turn off when power button on face of machine was pressed in to “on” position and then turn on when the power button on face of machine was placed into “off” position. I used my known working power supply to trouble shoot and rule out the power supply being bad and it too did not work. Also removed back panel to inspect for blown capacitors etc. and nothing obviously wrong. Suspect this is a control board issue. Contacted tech support and Nicholas was quick to respond. We have a Skype video call today. Unfortunately this is happening the Friday before our following Monday launch of our school outreach 3D making technologies milling program. Hope we can have our mill up and running before getting in front of those kids on Monday evening. Will keep you posted.

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