New Nomad mystery piece

I got my Nomad a few weeks ago, so far I’m pretty happy with it.

It did however come with a slight puzzle, a 3/4" piece of rubber-U channel like what is used around the edges of the aluminum board top. I’ve looked all around and can’t find any logical place that it might have fallen off of.

Let me be clear - it in no way effects the working of the machine, and I don’t really care if I can’t find where it goes. But I’ve been unable to throw the little piece out!!!

Any clues where it might belong?

Might it have been packing? It has been long enough I don’t recall all of the packing used, but there were several sizes of foam tube, rubber bumper, and so on, to protect the machine during shipping. I see nothing like that on my machine (Nomad Pro), but mine was one of the first and there have been a few changes.

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I suspect it was simply a bit of scrap which got into the works — I have a box at my workbench which I toss all such small potentially usable bits of hardware/scrap — it’s a real vindication when I find the perfect little bit for a project in it.

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The universal coffee can/cookie tin of “miscellaneous leftover bits that you’re sure you’ll need someday”

Every time I clean out mine for being years old and 5 pounds of bits and bobs, I always find I need something out of it days later.


I just got my Nomad from the Black Friday and had the same piece (actually 2 of them) and the same bewilderment on where they belonged. I settled on they were probably packing material for the front door. I’m probably wrong though.

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I think you’re right — a bit of protective foam for the acrylic cover — you can even see it in the unpacking photos:

@mikep and that’s why I never toss anything which has a reasonable expectation of reuse.

BINGO! we have a winner.

It looks intentional to me. It provides a soft stop for the acrylic lid when it closes.

I’m sure I just knocked it off while unpacking, but had no clue where it came off of.
I’ll see how long it stays on.


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We put that little bit of rubber on the window edge so that it doesn’t bang against the table cover while in transit and potentially scratch it. You can leave it on or throw it away :slight_smile:


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