New pro arrive & assembly

I just received my pro xxl. I’m very excited! I have not located an written set of assembly instructions nor link to download software. I am a total newb and could use some guidance. Thanks to all for your patience. Brez

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They have an assembly video on Youtube here: Shapeoko Pro Assembly Overview - YouTube


We have an assembly manual at:

For the software:

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Much appreciated! Happy making! :laughing: :+1:

The software links are on the bottom of the web page for Both the CC and CM are linked there.

When you download the various versions over time I recommend you create a folder on your computer to archive the installers. It is not likely that you would need to revert but if you do you already have the previous version. When you install newer versions of CC and CM they remove the older version and replace it with the new one. FYI

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Carbide Create 5 series installs alongside, and using a different name than CC474 and earlier.

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