New problem, machine going off route on its own?

Has anyone encountered a problem like this? It does the first pass and then it’s going off on it’s own.

Hi @Awandco,

It’s likely a loose pulley setscrew, check the X axis pulley first

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Thank you! I checked that, it’s still happening :sob:

Any other ideas???

Any chance you could capture a video of it happening? (to see how the machine behaves/sounds when this happens)

It’s something mechanical, so usually it’s either set screws or belt tension or eccentric nuts adjustment.
How did you check the set screws? It’s still my bet.
Even if they do seem tight, you can do the marker test to be really really sure the pulley is not slipping on the shaft:

With a marker, draw a line across the pulley and shaft,


run the job, and if the drifting issue is there, check whether the pulley and shaft are still aligned. If not…setscrew problem. Check all axes this way.

If that does not work, you should contact and they’il work things out with you


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