New ROGDC Dust Collection System for the Shapeoko3 CNC's

I just launched the website for ROG Dust Collection Systems for CNC’s.

This is a proven dust shoe which the latest design iteration has been used in a production environment on the SO3 and SO3XXL for over a year without any failure or damage. I started developing this design about 3 months after my son received one of the first batch SO3’s.

I had intended on bringing this to market in 2017,and then 2018 on Kickstarter, however life happens. Thanks for the feedback from members giving me feedback and opinions on Kickstarter which forced me to find a more efficient way to produce the system with less waste and make design changes for the better.

I will be updating the website over the next few days and opening the store for pre-orders. We won’t be offering this on Kickstarter, only through our website. (The WordPress update to Gutenberg did not go so smoothly on the website so I am rebuilding all of the pages.)


Love what you’re doing here, and am really interested in your dust shoe.

If I could make a suggestion that would really help make someone like me buy it…

Get some high-resolution photos on your webpage, that show all angles of the dust shoe, how it attaches to the machine, how it works for changing bits, how the design is different/better than the other options out there. Maybe even some videos of changing bits, Using Z-probe, and some of it in action with the material types you mention on the webpage.

This is absolutely not critical, It looks like you’ve got a great product, just the first thing I thought when I saw the webpage was “I want to see more and know more about how it works”



Cool! I look forward to seeing how this works and the price when available.

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@Lewscrew, this looks promising.

I’ve managed to destroy two early iterations of the Suckit by running into things. My fault, I know but the experience has soured me on purchasing expensive solutions.

I make do with a couple of 3D printed designs that are…less efficient. But I can make ‘em when I break ‘em.

I’ll be following this thread with interest.


Do you have any photos of it that you can post? you can’t really tell what it is on the website.

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Here’s a a couple of side views on the XXL with the Beaver CNC HDZ. I’ll upload more high quality photos to the website and videos this weekend.

The dust shoe is adjusted by aluminum rails mounted to the X axis and the dust riser and hose are located behind the X Gantry. The shoe is easily removed from the machine with 4 thumb screws.

I’ll be out of pocket for a couple of days - have to help my son make branding iron heads for a large order he has to ship in less than a week.


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