New round of suggestions

Okay folks this worked once before. My idea is for people to post a list of general Carbide Create tweaks (not major features) that would make using CC even more betterer. The kind of things a developer could knock out quickly. If we’re lucky might see a few show up sooner than later. Here’s my list:

  • When right clicking a Toolpath add a “Move to Top and Move to Bottom” menu option. Drag and drop would be even nicer but this would help in the meantime.

  • Add somewhere in the UI the mouse offset from the work origin as you move the mouse over the workspace

  • Does hitting Ctrl+S save? It doesn’t change the color of the “save” and “save as” menus to white if it does. I hit it as a force of habit all the time and I can’t be the only one.

  • In the tool library when right clicking a tool give the option to duplicate the tool, I was adding some ‘roughing’ tools (e.g. a .125 " tool but putting .135" as the diameter so it would stay off the final surface) and this would have saved a little time.

  • In the tool dropdown menu when editing a toolpath actually use the tool description in the list

  • When using tools like the square drawing tool, let me hold Control to disable grid snapping for that operation. Ideally Illustrator or similar style conventions would be nice, ie holding shift forces the shape to be square, holding Alt causes it to draw from the middle (as it does now) but w/o the key it would draw from the clicked point as a corner.

  • Along with the above show a relevant dimension in a tooltip or something as I drag a shape out. width/height for a rectangle, radius for a circle, and so on, at least where it makes sense.

  • Make the download-update button go right to the file

  • Give us the option of doing conventional or climb cut. Mark it experimental if you think the software should be doing more math or something but if we have the option we can still set feeds and speeds on our own.

  • Give us the ability to specify an offset for toolpaths. I saw a video with the Shaper doing this on-tool and it would simplify a lot of things. So a roughing cut could be a duplicate of the normal cut with a .01" offset applied instead of tool diameter hacks or additional geometry.

  • When I open a c2d file with a tool I don’t have in my local tool library, ask me if I want to import it.

  • Let me import/export my tool library to an xml or similar file


Maybe tangential to the topic but…
If each “wish” were a separate message, then people could “vote” by “liking” the message. Just a thought. For example, I especially like the second idea immediately above, and clicked “like” for that message, but that left it unclear exactly what I liked.



I’d like to see a setup option for a user defined “default working” directory in both CC and CM. Or another option would be for the two programs to remember the last directory that was used.
I’m lazy like that, I don’t want to have to keep browsing for the same directory whether I’m opening or saving a file in CC or loading a file in CM.
In my case I do my design work from a desktop. Save the file(s) to a network drive. Then open the file in CM on a laptop. If needed, tweaks are done at the laptop and saved back to the network drive.


I use the ‘favorites’ feature to help with this but yeah it’s not ideal, does help though. Talking about the favorites area in windows open file dialogs. I otherwise use a similar process to you except I usually just let dropbox sync my designs folder, but do my design work in my comfy chair on big monitor desktop and then move to my smaller shop laptop for cutting.

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