New router, see if I like it

DeWalt router weights in at

New router weights in at
I had to make new mount so I’ve got some tweaking to do.


So what did the manufacturer of this new router name it (or him or her if so sensitive). It appears to be a healthy 6.81 lbs and I see the proud new owner’s hand, don’t cut the “cord”. Congratulations on the new addition to your CNC family and I hope all are well including your wallet. Looking forward to more “introduction” photos and “family” experiences, first cut, first pocketing, and eventually it’s first trochoidal milling operation. Hope the older one doesn’t get jealous, the new one looks much bigger but it’ll probably be a kind and generous “sibling”. Watch out for “EMP’s” when it wakes up and starts screaming, a good ferrite thingy might work as good as a pacifier. Too much fun. Thanks Ray


Joking aside Ray, I’m really interested in how this bigger router and new mount work out. I want one also but not ready for it yet. This will take a 1/2" collet, I presume. I will eventually need such for large wooden nuts and bolts with a special threads. Any other rigidity issues you have to resolve because of the extra pounds. Thanks Ray.

Lol didn’t mean to keep you in so much suspense.
It is a Hitachi to on a quarter horsepower it does except quarter inch and half inch.I believe precise bits sells a whole collet selection for it. I had to make up a whole new mounting bracket as you can see. this is out of Delrin, this what I had laying around. The side pieces of the bracket bolt into the base plate of it on the sides and then bolt into the Z plate through the back. The base uses the two existing bolt holes in the Z plate. I sent my drawings to a buddy that has a haas machine, he’ll machine them out of aluminum for me.

I’m uploading a video now on the YouTube of it cutting the left side bracket. I’ve got to play around with the feeds and the speeds, it’s definitely different than the DeWalt.


Looks like Hitachi’s “Mom” is doing fine. I looked at a couple that only had one speed so didn’t search Hitachi very far. This obviously has speed range, what’s it’s model number. Nice mount, definitely watching your progress. Thanks Ray, tell little “Hatchi” hi for me. Jude



looks like it ran pretty smooth, no stability or rigidity issues huh ? Good going Ray.

Stability issues? Plenty, I’m as unstable as they come. Couldn’t you tell by me taking apart a perfectly running machine. There seems to be a bit of an odd vibration. Not sure if it’s in the router itself, maybe in the former of run out. I need more time with it. The router is reasonably priced and with good reviews. Worst case everything I’ve done can be undone and will only leave me with a few extra holes in my Z plate.

Too embattled with legal problems right now, but I know I looked at the brand that’s the same as the Hitachi or it’s off brand and did not like something about the collet and or the single speed it showed. Some thing about the specs. It may well be extreme run out of the collet, rounded interior of the collet, a testing of it discounted it because of the way the shaft fits in the collet and can’t be tightened without a skew. It wasn’t the Hitachi but the same mfg’r. I’m too busy writting legal briefs to think any more of it. Thats all I remember. Stability is subjectionable, dismantling and retrofitting are all part of a normal man’s need to adapt his surroundings to fit his needs. I’ve dismantled 3 working a/c units and rebuilt them to my specifications and they still don’t put out any more cool air than they did before. They’re just not right or too small.

So I changed my plans for mounts.My buddy finished the router mounts and they look great … but they are a little to small. They are only 80mm and are suppose to be 82.8mm. I’m going to have to figure out what to do, the hitachi won’t fit in them?

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Can’t he modify them to open 'em up a little (2.8-mm to be precise)?


I could, that is a great option or…
I had this laying around and it fits pretty good.