New Routerspindle mounting

I made the choice of using a Suhner spindle( it have 43mm mounting like amb and Kress) on my Shapeoko to replace the old Makita. So after some thinking of a good way too mount it I went to redesign parts of my HDZ( sorry @Luke). So here is a first prototype test fit.


Looks good, but how are you going to make it blue?


:slightly_smiling_face:. Send it for anodizing I Guedes. Or try it on my own​:man_shrugging:t3:


That’s a lot less ugly than the adapter I made when the Shapeoko first arrived and I realised the AMB Kress (43mm) wouldn’t reach the wasteboard on the normal mount points, had to make an adapter for the standard Z plate with a drill press, it’s on the HDZ now and I’m not making it any less ugly because there’s a proper 80mm water cooled spindle waiting to be fitted in the nicely machined 80mm mount from Carbide.

Here’s some ugly for you;

That’s the first version with the cheap eBay 43mm collar on the regular Z plate.

And here is it with a few more holes in it, looking even uglier next to the really nicely made HDZ;

But it’s OK, the Kress will be retiring soon.


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