New Shapeoko3XL Question

Which way is Z axis minus?

Z minus/negative should be down.

If you need to reverse this, there are a couple of ways to do it:

  • reverse one of the pairs of wires in the Z-axis connector (left- or right-most)
  • reverse all of the wires
  • change the invert bit setting in Grbl

To do that last:

  • connect with Carbide Motion
  • bring up the Log window
  • bring up the MDI
  • send $$ to get the settings — note the value for $3 (invert bit setting for Grbl 0.9)
  • add or subtract 4, e.g., if 0, send $3=4; if 6, send $3=2

Thanks for the reply, I cheated, swapped the whole plate around. Now looking for squaring procedure.

Squaring Gantry to Front/Rear Plates

  • Loosen all of the screws that hold the gantry together (4 on each side), these should still be loose from the initial assembly.
  • Loosen the screws that hold the Y axis rails in place (16 total). These should also still be loose from the initial assembly.
  • Slide the gantry to the front, so both Y plates are touching the front plate.
  • While holding the gantry against the front of the machine tighten the front of the Y rails (8 total)
  • Now - systematically begin tightening the 8 bolts on the gantry. Work your way from left to right, going back and forth in a X pattern (similar to tightening the wheel of a car).
  • After the gantry has been secured, slide the gantry to the rear of the machine and tighten the 8 screws while keeping the gantry pressed against the rear plate
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