New Shapoko 4 Standard and facing the spoil board ...or not?

So I’ve had my Shapoko Standard for 3 months and other that the “Hello World” it has been sitting waiting for me (issues and stuff held me back). But now I am ready to wake the beast and start making chips…well almost. I have a couple of basic questions and I will probable get flamed, but I have to ask.

I want to use a supplementary spoil board (SSB), my question is do I face my main spoil board (MSB) and then face the SSB, or do I just face the SSB bottom and top? What has me worried is that if I face the MSB I will end-up with a “pocket” since the facing bit cannot cover the entire spoil board and that will cause issues if I have to do any carving without the SSB.

Also, what is the recommended depth per pass to do the facing?

This should give you some insight.
Enjoy your machine.

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Here is a doc I wtote about making an optomized waste board.

The first one is about making an optimized waste board. The second one is about making a torsion box but the second half is about leveling the waste board.

spoilboard_considerations.pdf (1.3 MB)
torsion_box.pdf (2.0 MB)

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Do you have a the Hybrid T-slot bed? Or did you make a baseplate using MDF?

For the former, I think just surfacing the MDF filler strips is most expedient.

For the latter, bolting on a spoilboard which is the size of the working area can be convenient — esp. if you put holes in it to match threaded inserts in the MDF baseplate, or make it in two layers (threaded insert layer with spoilboard at the top)

You only need to face the supplemental spoil boatd on top. Do not surface the stock base mdf. Level the base as weii as you can. Secure your supplemental spoil board, tram your router to square it front to back and side to side. Do a shallow leveling and from re tune router tram. Then take 0.010 inch off at a time. If all pencil marks are gone you are done you are finished. If pencil marks are still visible re zero z over visible pencil marks and run job again. That will level the supplemental spoil board to the router.

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Thanks for the reply and the docs, very helpful!

Thanks for the reply, I have the hybrid T-slot.
The whole purpose for me to use a supplementary spoil board is so I don’t “destroy” the MDF filler strips. (Yea, I know, that’s why they are there, but call it my OCD; also the SSB is there so I don’t run the bit into the T-slots and really mess up the machine.)

Thanks for the reply. You affirmed what I was thinking but I wanted to make sure, from smarter people than myself!

No one here is smarter, maybe just more experienced.

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