New Shapoko 5 Pro Woes

Ok, I need to find out if I am alone in this or if this is the norm.

I received my machine only to find out that the spindle shipped from a different location. So, two weeks later I get my VFD Spindle. Then, upon inspection, there is no collet in the spindle so I cannot insert a bit.

I decide to go ahead and try to get everything set up and run the hello world with the pen. So, I initialize the machine. It homes, all is well. Unfortunately, when setting up the bit setter, I notice the software is not receiving the signal when the setter is depressed. Check all the connections, no dice, still doesn’t work. So, I go to re-init the machine. Throws an error complaining about the Y-home limit switch.

So, now I am checking all the limit switches. They all seem to light up red when I pass a bit of metal over them, and in the software they show a signal. Except for the Y-Home which shows always on in the software. And the machine is not functioning logically at all.

All-in-all, I am really bummed that I spent this much money and am having this many issues. Am I alone in this? Is this the norm with these machines. I thought these were supposed to be super easy to set up. This is anything but.

Sounds like you might have some wires crossed. Recheck all your connections, especially the bitsetter and your y cable. If that doesn’t turn anything up, check the actual wires in the connectors, it sometimes happens that an assembler crosses wires and it gets missed in testing. With the y cable you could verify against the other side’s colors.

For the spindle, the wiring vendor sent bad wiring, and it was quicker for us to rework it in-house rather than shipping it back. Because of the additional work, we shifted Nomad production folks to make VFDs to catch up. One of the guys didn’t check the collets, so a few dozen units went out without collets. Shoot an email to and they’ll get them out to you today.

Regarding homing, the support folks can help you out at


They say they will ship them out today, you’ll even a shipping notification. Then it will sit there for at least two days before it actually ships. Even an overnight part won’t ship the same day. I’ve been waiting on parts for weeks now. after being sent wrong parts or parts that didn’t come with the right wiring.

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Thanks, worth a look. I think it would have to be something cross wired given all the connectors are unique and cannot be cross connected.

Edit: on second thought. I am not sure why it would have worked right initially if the wiring was off. Should have malfunctioned right from the start.

Thanks, they said they are shipping the collet out.

And dealing with support over email just isn’t cutting it. I have called a number of times and really need to get someone on the phone to help work this out. Setting up appointments on line is a bit frustrating given you are a few days out on those and I need to get this thing running.

Yeah, @JParry0725, just like you said. Got the shipping notice, but the tracking says it hasn’t even arrived at the facility yet… a full day and a half later. Just wow.

Update: Got the bit setter issue resolved. That was a missing connection that was found on my call with Carbide. Really good tech.

The other issue required sending me a whole new controller unit. Hopefully, I will get that before the weekend. We shall see…

I had similar wiring issues. I had a X axis target (light) on the control board all the time. I verified my connections and they were all good according to the IM. Frustrated, I begin searching the forums and found a tread containing similar issues. I wound up rolling the X axis connector 180 and that took care of the X target. I had a bad Bit setter as well. Support sent one out, got it in about a week and installed it. So far so good at this point. Forums are a good place to go to if you’re at a stand still IMO. Support was via mail as well (I work with tech like this at my job so troubleshooting was more natural for me).

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