New to 3D - STL import

I have used Carbide Create for simple 2.5D designs before but just started working on trying to create 3D designs. I have used Fusion 360 to create a 10" diameter disc with a very slight dome on the top. The dome on the top is very subtle with a 25’ radius. Once I create the STL file and import it into Carbide Create, I am not able to select the disc to create the 3D rough toolpath. It tells me there is nothing in that layer. I’m sure I’m doing something wrong and it’s probably very simple. Please help.


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You will need to draw in geometry which identifies the regions which you wish to limit 3D toolpaths to.

That said, if you’ve started in Fusion 360, why not do the toolpaths there?


Thank you. That was helpful. I had done it successfully once before using a more complicated shape. Apparently when I did that one, I had unknowingly done it correctly by overlaying the sketch geometry over the 3D shape. All I had to do to fix it on this one was to create a circle towards the outer bounds of the shape I needed to cut. I knew it was simple. Thanks again.

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