New to CNC LOoking for bits

Alright I am totally new to this whole CNC machine and how it works. I just got it in the mail last night and haven’t even set it up as I’m away at work. It’s such a tease. But My question here is what are some good starter bits for you basic jobs? I would be doing some cutting out, some carving of names, letters, sayings, flattening surfaces, I’m sure the list goes on. I basically am just wondering what some good bits are to get myself started

Carbide3d store has a few different bit kits and they can be helpful to grab:

Some cheaper bits can be found on amazon or ebay, but the packs give you a good idea of what specifically to look for.

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The ebook also has a few recommendations regarding what to get initially.


Unless you know you will use all bits stay away from sets. Get 201, 301,102,302 and add from there as you need them. Sets are a good value IF you use them all. Unused bits from set are a waste of money. Since you do not know what you need stick with the basics until you get your feet on the ground.


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