New to cnc looking for help

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Hello my name is Jack and I purchased the XXL… Looking for recommendations for a good spindle… Thanks in advance Jack

(mikep) #2

The dewalt is a great place to start…

(Jack Rease) #3

Thanks Mike… Now in your opinion… do you think the dewalt can do about anything and also how about longevity

(mikep) #4

I’ve been using the Dewalt 611 on my machine for about a year. Brushes are cheap, easy to replace, good for about 100 hours of continuous use, some pretty good evidence of more if you’re careful about dust. I think I saw one user who actually managed to wear out the bearings, but it sounded to me like it had many hard years of use as a handheld router beforehand.

I’ve cut aluminum, brass, hard and soft maple, walnut, oak, brazillian teak, and some of the hardest rosewood I’ve ever seen.

(Jack Rease) #5

Thanks Mike that helps me out… I was looking at a couple of spindles on Amazon… 1500 watt… 2.2k ect… just wasn’t sure if that was the way to go or overkill…

(William Adams) #6

There’s a bit about the differences between the Dewalt and the Makita here:

including a link to Winston Moy’s YouTube video on this:

and a list of all the options at:

(Jack Rease) #7

Thanks Will… this helped

(Griff ) #8

Either the DeWalt or the Makita will serve you well. I’ve only run DeWalt, for 2years now. Brush replacement is the only maintenance. I’ve thought I’ve killed mine a couple of times, only thing wrong was brushes worn to nubs.

Like @mikep I’ve cut many materials, no problems related to power or reliability.

Have fun with your new machine!

(Jack Rease) #9

Thanks Griff… I’m going with the Dewalt

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