New to cnc, trying to use Chromebook

I have my first cnc machine and know absolutely nothing. I also bought a Chromebook to run it. It is equipped with Linux Arm. I am unable to find a way to set it up to run my machine. Is this a lesson in futility or can anyone help me? Thank you

By “cnc machine” do you mean a Shapeoko/Nomad and by “set it up” do you mean executing Carbide Motion ?

Carbide Motion is only supported on Windows and MacOS, so I’m afraid a Chromebook / Chrome OS won’t work to run that software. You may be able to find other G-code senders that will execute under ChromeOS, I’m not familiar with those solutions.


Which CNC machine did you buy? (machines which weren’t purchased from Carbide 3D are off-topic here, save for using Carbide Create w/ them, but Carbide Create is only available for Mac OS X and Windows)

What system requirements did it have?

The Shapeoko wiki had some notes on software for Chrome OS for CNC — it’s off-line at the moment, but is still on the Wayback Machine:

You should be able to use one of the web-browser CNC CAD/CAM programs such as Easel or Kiri:Moto to make G-Code files to send to your machine.

Thank you. I understand.

You may try and find a Windows Emulator program. I am not positive they exist for Chromebook, but that may help.

I apologize to everyone. I did not realize you had to buy a Carbide3d machine. I took the free download and was given access to this forum if I had any questions. I will no longer post on this site. Again, I did not know.

I have been in your shoes Newbie1 Kenobi. I hope you are able to acquire a Shapeoko in the future and see you back here.
There are CNC forums other than this one. You may try Facebook for help.

You don’t have to buy a Carbide 3D machine — you can use Carbide Create w/ any machine — it’s just that you need a Mac OS X or Windows computer to run it.

If you need any assistance w/ Carbide Create, please let us know.

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