New to Shapeoko XXL

I am having issues troubleshooting my initial boot up. I followed the boOk to the T, downloaded both create and motion, follow steps for initializing the machine and when hitting jog, the y+ goes to the rear and stays there, the z will go up and down but the gantry will not go forward or to the right. I’ve checked connections. Does anyone have any advice? I’ve unplugged, rebooted everything. Could really use some help. Pretty frustrated and realizing I am in way over my head.

You have a few issues going on there. Gut feeling based on what you described is that the limit switches are reversed. At least that would be a good place to start. It sounds like the steppers are plugged in the right way.

Have you tested each switch with a wrench to see if the red light comes on. If each switch shows red when put the wrench next to it you can power off your Shapeoko and move the gantry to the back right corner. Remove your controller cover and then power up. Do not initialize. See if your homing switch light light up. IF all your switch lights do not activate power off and move the gantry to the right and power up see if the X lights up. If that works then power off and move the gantry back to the back but move it away from the side frame on the right and power on. See if your Y switch lights up. If you have a Z-Plus or HDZ power off again and you can spin the large screw up to the top and power on again and check the Z switch light comes on.

If some of the lights do not come on move your machine to each switch position and try adjusting your proximity switches until they do come on. The instructions have you mount the switch rather high and sometimes they will not make contact with the side frames to trigger them.

When you get each switch to activate, power on and send your configuration. Set your machine type, Z axis then go to the second tab and make sure your BitSetter is not activated (checked). You will configure your BitSetter once you get initialized. Go back to the first tab and send configuration. Then try to initialize.

If none of this works contact

It is most likely your switches need adjusting and/or your configuration is not set right. Double check your connections and the riser board for the proximity switches is plugged in all the way.

Good Lck