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Hi, first of all just finish assembling my shapeoko XXL, I am incredibly happy to start CNC and little by little make upgrades, this week the bit setter and zero should arrive and I can start learning. Meanwhile I am getting used to Fusion, which to tell you the truth is incredibly easy coming from Rhino3D, the only thing I havent tried is creating toolpaths, etc. This are the bits I purchases with my shapeoko, wondering if anyone had the tools already created in Fusion, or how should I go about creating them so everything works smoothly.

|AMANA-AMS-195-K|Amana AMS-195-K: 2-PC CNC Plastic Cutting Pack|
|AMANA-AMS-114-K|Amana AMS-114-K: 3-PC CNC Signmaking and Engraving Pack|
|S3ENDMLPK|Shapeoko Endmill Starter Pack|
|AMANA-AMS-119|Amana AMS-119: CNC 3-PC Starter Pack for Shapeoko|

Also is there anything I need to add to fusion so I can generate gcode specifically for the shapeoko xxl

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Somewhere on the forum is a link for the amana tools already in the right format. Search for Amana and most likely Will Adams.

Fusion360 will have everything you need for the right gcode. There are some alternate post processors, but you don’t NEED to have them. Get the process down, make some stuff, break some endmills, destroy a few projects, learn what works and what doesn’t FOR YOU, and have some fun!. Fusion360 has a learning curve all it’s own, I’d honestly suggest using carbide create to get started, it’s a lot easier to get your head around, and all the CNC processes are basically the same. Once you’ve got that under your belt, move on to fusion360.



Hi @Zero,

Welcome to the club!

@Winston shared his Fusion360 library of Carbide3D tools here:

It does not contain the Amana tools you mentioned though, but I thought you might still like to import the other ones for convenience. From a toolpath standpoint, as long as you enter the correct type, diameter, and length of cut, you should be good to go in Fusion360 tool library. The number of flutes parameter is also important to set correctly: even though it does not impact the toolpaths (since you get to set feeds and speeds values manually anyway), the chipload per tooth value that gets displayed will be correct then.

The recommended Fusion360 post processor for the Shapeoko is documented here:


Amana has a tools library for Autodesk Fusion 360 here:

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For Fusion, in case you haven’t found them already,

Lars Christensen and NYC CNC YT channels are very good watching to figure out how to do stuff.

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… and @Julien forgot to mention his “book of (CNC) knowledge” …

I knew I saw this. Try this search:. Amana tool library

I have also just finished the NYCCNC Fusion CAD/CAM online courses (they had a deal for both, think this is still on), i found then useful, but as a semi provicient user some stuff was old to me, some was new, but these courses would be epic for new starters!


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