New Tools for Post Processing Projects

I got a couple of new tools to help with my CNC post processing.

  1. I got a new 12" Igaging digital caliper. The Igaging can do metric, decimal inch and fraction inch.

  1. I got a miniature Veritas Shooting Board and Plane for small work on sizing projects that need trimming. Also pictured is a Veritas miniature shoulder plane to trim up around box lids. I have a larger Stanley shoulder plane but it is hard to use on small box lids.

  1. 8 inch machinist square. This is to replace my Crown try square that got dropped and broke the brass inside face off. I glued it back on but I am suspect. This new square is all metal and will help with squaring up things around the shop.

So I want a little crazy but I had wanted these things for some time. The 12 inch caliper will be handy. I likely wont use it as much as the 6 inch one I have but sometimes I need a 12 inch caliper and now I have one.


I’ve been tempted by the Lee Valley Miniature Shooting Plane (I am gradually collecting all the miniature tools so as to make a tool chest/display for them), but couldn’t justify it because I bought:

and haven’t had occasion to use it on a project yet.

These are great for smoothing out bottoms of VCarves and ADV VCarves.



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