New Use for Home Depot Floor Samples

I had several floor samples (samples of flooring material) left over from a remodeling project. I decided to try and make signs out of them instead of discarding the material.

The floor color is a thin coating on a thicker press board. I cut 1mm off the top and ended up with a nice sign.

The photo below shows the finished sign on top and a piece of flooring sample on the bottom. The cutting info I used is shown in the screen shot of the Tool Path Parameters below the photo.

Gotta take another run through the garage and see what else is out there that might be interesting to cut…

I cut another sign from a floor sample and for this one just cut the text, leaving the rest of the original surface. I used the keep out region function in Meshcam to leave the edges alone.

Sharp application here Steve, just gotta get some engraver’s enamel down in those slots :wink:

Steve - how did you create that text file? And how long did it take to cut?


I use ViaCad, Sketchup, and OpenScad for CAD tools. I generally run any STL output from Sketchup through NetFab to clean it up before using the Nomad or a 3D printer to make the part.

In the case of the sign I used Sketchup. I drew a rectangle the size of the part, and extruded it to 6mm. I then used the 3D text function to add the text, then extruded the surface except for the text down 1.5mm. I exported the STL and loaded that into Meshcam where I put an exclusion box around the text area so the Nomad would not cut the edges of the part. The run time was something around 20 minutes. I used the same technique to cut letters into acrylic to make a lighted sign.

The Nomad is so much fun I am going to need a 12 step program… :smile: