New user looking for help

Just finished assembly of Sapeoko 3. I am new to CNC and am not having much success getting started. I wonder if there is anyone who lives near Sacramento Ca. Or the Bay Area who would be willing to help a newbe. You can reach me at

Steve Leder

I do not live anywhere near Sacramento… what is your problem maybe we can help.

i finished construction of my machine and then used Carbide Motion to make sure that the x, y, and z motors worked correctly. I was able to step in both directions with all three. I then tried to open a c2d file from carbide create but it was greyed out and would not let me try anything. Not sure what I am doing wrong. I’m sure this will be the first of many startup problems i will have Thank you for your offer of help

Steve Leder

You missed a step. You have to export the .c2d information to CAM as (encrypted) G-code.

Please see the tutorials at:

Will is correct. once you are done with the “design” you will assign tool paths. After you are satisfied with the tool paths you will export. look through Will’s link for a bit more information. If you continue to have trouble let me know. For many reasons, when I started it was so frustrating. Hang in there, it gets a lot easier! If you still cant get it figured out let me know and I can walk you through it over the phone if needed

There was some really great folks on here that really helped out out. I hope I can do the same.

Hi Steve,
What do you want to make?
Carbide Create is a great place to start, so heres a link to the New user guide;

I am attaching 2 files below, the c2d file is a working Carbide Create file that can be opened and modified.

The egc file is a toolpath file that can be opened in Carbide motion and ran to cut 4 clamps out of 1/2" thick stock using a .125" square endmill #101.
4 bamboo M6 clamps 125.egc (167.8 KB)

4 bamboo clamps 125 m6.c2d (842.4 KB)

Here is the finished clamp parts:

Heres the Preview out of Carbide Create:


All of the people who responded to my call for help are nothing short of great. After a bunch of false starts, I cut my first item. I did find that I need to buy additional shaped bits and a 1/8" collet. My project was simple and it did not come out great but it did work and I’m not sure I would have gotten there this quickly without your help. I’m sure I will have lots of questions as I try more things and it is great to know that help is there for me. I hope when I get better that I can offer help to others.

Thank you


After I sent my thank you to all of you, I occurred to me that trying to figure out which end mills to buy by myself is a fools errand. I will start off with signs and engraving and likely small projects like the clamps you sent me. I have a 1/4" and 1/8" flat tip end mill right now. And a 1/4" collet. I’m guessing I need a V cutter, and some round tip cutters along with an 1/8" collet. Any better suggestions and is there a better source than carbide 3D

Thank you

you will defently want a vbit if you are doing signs,you will be amazed.I bought my collet from here

Page on endmills on the wiki, w/ a section on specific recommendations:

For collet options see:

Precise Bits are more convenient, and can be had in higher precision grades. Elaire are the affordable option for people who don’t mind the Dewalt wrenches.