New User - Problem with user interface

Thanks for letting me join .
Am hoping my tired old brain cell can learn cnc .
Have installed Carbide Control v6 build 623 12.1.21 on windows 10 64 bit HP laptop .
All looks great but think i am doing something wrong ;
‘Settings’ icon works well .
‘Grid’ icon works well .
‘Backgound Image’ icon , and subsequent icons ( circle , rectangle ,and so on ) & drop down boxes dont work with a left click .But do seem to work ( after a fashion ) if i left click on them then click on something in the menu bar …
Could well be my amateur keyboard / mouse skills . I dont use computers so very much . Have uninstalled & reinstalled .
Any help gratefully received


A refrain you will hear often is to provide an example of what you are trying to do with as much detail as possible.

For a circle left click the circle icon in the left panel. Then move the cursor to some point on the grid. Left click. Then move the cursor to some point further away and left click again. Move the cursor away from the circle A circle will be created.

Try this process with other shapes chosen from the left panel. Don’t worry about their size at this point. Just practice creating shapes.

It is a slow process to learn but worth the effort.



Hi Bill
many thanks for reply …
Still do not get a shape until i click on something in menu bar .
Same with ‘Edit Nodes’ - i have to click edit icon , then click-in-menu-bar-on-a-heading (cimboah) , then nodes appear … and so on with moving nodes .
Am certainly getting to be a dab hand at file-new-discard ,so all good practice .

Do you have multiple displays? What is your screen scaling set to? What DPI is your screen?

Please try the standard computer trouble-shooting techniques:

  • reboot
  • check for updates
  • shutdown
  • restart
  • create a new user account w/ admin privileges
  • install the program and run it in the new account

Let us know what you find out at and we will do our best to sort this out w/ you.

Many thanks
i created a new user account ,installed program , and it works how it should .
i wonder why .
will email this to your support as requested .
software looks really good now its working , and am keen to explore .
i have your user manual
Again . many thanks

Welcome Paul. Don’t hesitate to shout out if you need help, here or direct to C3D, they have a great team.

You’re gonna have fun, guaranteed.


thank you , Griff , most kind

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