New version availability?

When is the new version 640 dated 3-9-22 going to be available for download…. Looking at the Carbide Create website and it still has 629 2-4-22 on there.


I downloaded version 644 from the site today. It is a beta version so I kept the version 629 (as well as v530) as a backup. I created and ran a simple job today with no issues. Looking forward to trying the new added features.

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You can get the latest and greatest from here:


What does Beta mean then?

Not quite ready for Prime Time.


@hookemgil Software “Beta” means that, although the code has undergone a good amount of testing, it is not yet ready to be released as a final product. Usually, the documentation is not necessarily completed, there could be some non-critical defects in the code, and it’s possible that the function could change before the final release. As a Beta-tester, you get the latest features earlier and in return, you agree to accept that things may not be perfect, Also, usually there is an implied agreement that you will look for, and report, any problems quickly.

When you use a Beta, you really are doing the software company a favor…it helps them develop better code because they can obtain feedback from real users (who are “friendlies”) and make quicker adjustments without the overhead of production release. You’ll notice that Carbide put out 5 releases of Beta in 2 days…getting feedback, making adjustments, getting more feedback, etc. They could never have had that quick an iteration process if everything HAD to be perfect (and perfect is relative…software is never perfect - it’s “good enough”) and if they couldn’t change or deprecate a function if it wasn’t working the way their users expected.


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