New wasteboard question

Shapeoko 3 Standard

I bought a piece of HDPE for a new wasteboard and I’m faced with a problem.

How to I accurately cut the mounting holes in the HDPE piece to bolt it to the bottom?

I thought of moving an endmill to each of the bottom hole positions and recording the coordinates, but how would I translate that to a Gcode operation?

I could overlay the old wasteboard on the new one and just drill the holes with a hand drill, but does HDPE work well with a drill bit?

HDPE cuts very well with sharp hand tools. Using the old waste board as a template is a quick and easy solution.

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Be sure you champher the mounting holes and use flat head screws. The reason is so you dont hit the screw heads when surfacing your spoilboard. Make sure the heads are deep enough to surface a few times. Alternatively a counter sunk hole with pan head screws.

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Yes, that’s what I was doing with the old wasteboard, countersunk with pan head screws.

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