New XXL stops intermittently during homing

I got my Shapeoko 3 XXL all put together and it works fine homing most of the time. But sometimes the x axis stops quite a bit short of homing. When that happens it wont home again and I seem to have to close program and shut machine off.

Any ideas what to look at first?

You should be able to re-initiate homing by manually sending the command to home the machine:

  • open the MDI window
  • send $H

that should allow it to finish the homing cycle.

To increase the speed at which the machine homes, and decrease the likelihood that it will timeout (which I believe is what is happening), increase the homing seek rate:

  • send $25=1500

(half again as fast as the default of 1000)

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Any way for the speed bump to stay that way all the time. Mine goes back to being slow after I close out carbide motion

Storing $25 in the EEPROM on the Arduino for Grbl should be persistent — please send in an e-mail to support if it won’t stick.

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I’ve had the same issues, though I am leery about sending it faster into the limit switches. It is my understanding the speed is the way it is to give the controller time to respond when pressing one, and not crashing into it.

Is there a way to adjust the timeout setting itself? This seems like it would be a better fix and safer vs. speeding into your limit switches…