Newbie confusion

Hi All - I have a newbie issues I can’t figure out, help is appreciated :slight_smile:

I’m trying to surface my waste board. I made sure to only install MDF within the reach of a 1" surfacing bit. However, even when I zero my machine so that it should be surfacing the whole area, I’m still getting a 10mm edge on the front and left. The MDF is installed 95mm (3-3/4") from the left and right beam.

In Carbide Create:

  • Create a square with dimensions 837mm wide, 433mm height. This is the exact size of my waste board. I had to set a radius, so I set it to 0.1.
  • I added contour toolpath
  • I added a new tool, diameter 1", flute length 0.25", 3 flutes
  • I overrode the feed rate to 145mm based on notes on the wiki about feed rate, this was double the suggested value…
  • I set the start depth to 0mm and max depth to 4mm
  • I have tried using an Inside and No Offset toolpath.

No matter what I do I can seam to force it to surface the full board.

Thoughts appreciated…


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I wrote up a bit on the disconnect between the rapid positioning point and the machine work area at:

If you’d post your file we might be able to better help.

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I figured it out, I tried an outside contour, which I was nervous to do. But it worked.

It’s VERY close to the frame, but I guess I can fix that by zeroing it further in.

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Thanks @WillAdams - that’s a good read! So many things to learn :slight_smile:

It’s -supposed- to be close to the frame…

@Mikep - What I mean is I was going to end up surfacing the steel frame at the front. Which was actual a result of a miscalculation when I started surfacing, I went too deep. My waste board was going to be below the frame. Anyway, problem solved I replaced the first piece of my wasteboard.

All fixed, i’m checking the accuracy now:

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