Newbie Expecting My XXL any day! Convert JPEG to vector?

(Patrick Andersen) #18

GaylonR get Desktop, you can upgrade later if necessary for the cost difference. IMHO Vectric Vcarve is the greatest thing since sliced bread!


(Gaylon Raney) #19

Ok I was wondering that if you could just pay difference to get the pro…not have to pay all over again…thanks @patonclover! In the desktop version do they have dimension tool like Aspire?


(Patrick Andersen) #20

Unsure about how it works in Aspire but in Desktop there certainly is a dimension tool. There is also a measurement tool that is just momentary in action, it only temporarily records the measurement. The Dimension tool works as one would expect a 2D CAD package to work. Why not download a trial copy and take it for a spin.


(Gaylon Raney) #21

@patonclover yes I’m going to download the trail for sure just want to get my machine put together first hopefully Friday! Then I’ll be on my way to trying out the software! Thanks


(William Adams) #22

Vectric has a welI-reasoned upgrade policy. Moving from one product to the next is pretty much just the cost difference


(Jerry Gray) #23

I’ve been learning a lot lately, about 3D modeling (making reliefs-.stl files), and I wanted to pass on something I wish I would have learned years ago.
There are FREE 3D modeling softwares with Amazing capabilities.
These will save .STL files, and others, that can be opened in meshcam, and probably some free cams too.
The point is, a CAM that tries to do the same modeling, well close, is $1000’s of dollars.
Blender, and Sculptris is FREE!
I’m amazed, and feel ignorant, sometimes :slight_smile:
Not to mention 3D scanners (good ones not free)

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(William Adams) #24

Excellent recommendations! I moved Sculptris up to — If you could write up a brief description, I’d be glad to move it into the table (or if you want an account on the wiki to do it yourself, just send me a PM w/ your e-mail address requesting that).

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(Jerry Gray) #25

Sculptris is a free 3D modeling program by Pixologic (The makers of ZBrush), that many find to be a good starting point for learning 3D modeling.
It is also well liked for it’s efficient use of computer resources, and works well with laptops, or older operating systems, like Windows XP SP2, for example.


(William Adams) #26

Done. Thanks!

If anyone else has used any of the apps listed at: — please let me know and we’ll move them to the appropriate point with whatever information you wish to share.

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Using free 3D modeling software to import in CAM
(Gaylon Raney) #27

Got my machine today!! Its all together and tried to run hello world but computer wouldn’t download it or something ido weird so gonna try again tomorrow its late. But did get another little pic drawn with the sharpie and for most part went fine…make little popping noise when moves in a certain direction gonna look into that more also. Should not be any noise correct?

The double side tape provided not holding down the drag chain well at all on the gantry…any suggestions to use?


(mark robinson) #28

Little bit of drag chain discussion here

Popping noise? springs maybe?
How was the Hello world test setup with the paper? do you have some extra wood under the paper to bring it up? it may be going to low and coming off the vwheel rails


(Stuart) #29

Not sure on the popping, maybe confirm that the pulleys aren’t slipping on the shafts of the steppers, they should have grub screws in the pulley, one of which should line up with the flat on the shaft, and both should have loctite.

I had the same problem with the drag chain, I just lined it up in the correct spot, then drilled into the extrusion and tapped for a small (1/16th size) screw to hold it in place. Works like a charm!

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(William Adams) #30

Usually the problem with “Hello World” now is that the unzipping gets confused by the .zip archive having been prepared on a Mac and including resource fork information.

Please find a copy w/ that removed attached. (21.5 KB)

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(Jim Chamberlain) #31

I use Inkscape and have found it easy to make Scalable Vector Graphic files that I can bring into Carbide Create to get the job done.
Start with a clean Jpeg image:
File>Open> gear.jpg
Path>Trace Bitmap
Image import defaults should work . . . ( DPI From - File, Rendering - Smooth checked) select OK
Select Live Preview, OK
File>Save (as Inkscape SVG)

Note that I said clean Jpeg image. At times I need to erase small unwanted details in the image with Photoshop first.
Photoshop Pro Tip: if the outlines (cut paths) are weak and not well defined, duplicate the layer and make the top layer Multiply in Blending Mode to give it more contrast.
Also I include a reference image of a ruler/scale from edge to edge to make it easy to check material size when in Carbide Create.
Hope that helps!

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(Gaylon Raney) #32

@WillAdams @stutaylo thanks for info I’m going to try run the hello world from that link and see if it works. Yea I just wouldnt open.

As for the grub screws…not sure where they go or what they are lol we have like rubber washers kinda left 3 of em said they were optional but never said where they go. The directions were left out un detail to say the least. So is it the rubber things ur talking about? Could you upload pics where they go pls? Thanks guys I’m going to continue to play with it today…homing worked fine top right corner. Now gotta make sure everything is square…again directions said we will do this later but never did…and tips on that would be appreciated. Fingers crossed haha


(William Adams) #33

The three rubber washers are grommets to go onto the bottom of the enclosure to protect the wiring from the metal edges — these aren’t particularly sharp, and the wires should not be moving, so yes, they are optional.

You can see them installed here:

The pulley set screws / grub screws are something different, there’s a tech note on them at:

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(Gaylon Raney) #34

thanks again. I will check the set screws in a min…would that make some noise if not tight? and just had to download a app to unzip files so hopefully I can open the hello world now. @WillAdams

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(Gaylon Raney) #35

guess I cant get nothing to go right the app wont open the file either…it says its unzipped but need to find another app to open it or something like what is the deal lol…jeez man


(William Adams) #36

Here are the raw files, not zipped. (35.6 KB) (28.6 KB)


(Gaylon Raney) #37

thanks but I dont know either im a idiot or my laptop is stupid I got them downloaded and even the app unzipped but now cant open them…its trying to open with internet explorer or asking what app. How do I get it over to carbide create? then to motion or am I missing something?

sorry to bother so much just cant get this little thing to work and is frustrating!

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