Newbie Here. Which machine do I have?

I purchased the XXL and have zero experience with this sort of machine. When I go to initialize my machine it went up the Z axis and then kept going even though it couldn’t go any further. The machine made a grinding noise and I quickly hit my button to cut off power. I then went in to google to search and someone mentioned in to go to Machine settings and make sure I had the right version checked. When I go to machine settings the options I have to choose from to “send configuration data” are:
Shapeoko 3 -HDZ
Shapeoko 3 - Belt Drive Z
Shapeoko 3 Z-Plus
Shapeoko Pro

Does anyone know which one correlates to the XXL? Thank you for your time!!

you have the “Z-Plus” if it’s a new machine


I will try that once I get home! Thank you very much!!!

It looks like I have a different issue. During initialization it fails the X proximity switch. After powering on the X proximity switch is always on. On to further troubleshooting

So if this a new machine your proximity switches need adjusting.

Power off ypur machine and move the gantry away from home. Take the controller cover off. Power on and connect but do not initilize. Use wrench or metal object to trigger the proximity switch. If the switch works a red light will come me on on the switch. If all 3 switches turn red then power off again. Move the gantry to home position. Power on again connect but do not initilize. See if the blue lights are lit for each switch. If one light is not on adjust that switch until it lights up. When all 3 switches are lit try initilizing. The install instructions have you mount the switches high and sometimes they are not triggered.

Go to settings and pick machine type and z which is z-plus. Go to second tab and uncheck bitsetter, you will set that later. Go back to first tab and send configuration.

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