Newbie Question carbide motion to workbee

Hi all
Im trying to get carbide to talk to my workbee, i think its looking but wont connect.
Any info on how.

as far as I know, carbide motion is only designed to work with a shapeoko or nomad

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@nwallace is correct. Carbide Motion only works with Carbide 3D machines.

I use Carbide Create for my Shark Pro HD. The Shark has a propriety interface but I choose either the GRBL or Plain Gcode in CC for the tool path post processor. I still have to edit the gcode because the Shark does not use all possible gcode commands. You could still use Carbide Create to make your projects and check out if there any special requirements for the workbee and edit your gcode in notepad and send it with the OpenBuilds CONTROL. Are you running the Black Box Control System?

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