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hello every one.I have a Shapeoko 3 I have used it to do some projects but here is the question. Is there a video on how to set up c.n.c. so that you can run the project so it starts at the same point? I set the zeros but when I creat another project of the same gcode it ends up ellswhere. I have searched you tube and get to many hits that have not what I’m asking .I have also searched here and found it all over the place but to no answer. I do have other questions but I will keep it simple for now . (Sorry for the spelling at work .)Any info would be helpfull. thank you John

It should be consistent behavior, based on consistent setup / operation.

Please post:

  • Carbide Create file
  • generated G-Code
  • full description of how you home and setup the job and set zero

Along with Will’s advice, it sounds like you have very little CNC experience and need some training. I highly recommend watching these several times:

Shapeoko Training

And Fundamentals

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thank you for the reply and the CNC info, yes I have very little CNC experience but a quick learner
I have read the Tutorials. here are the gcodes I do not use carbide create.I use vector9.0. I have done 3 cnc projects and have come great,just would like to get better at it

I think the best way to get better at CNC is to have a notebook, and make meticulous notes on each project — that way, when you want to replicate something you can, and when something doesn’t work out, you can examine each aspect of it and figure out what went wrong.

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