Newbie Queston , designs coming out to big or to small

when i set up my design and set all tool paths and proceed to cut my parts come out to large or to small … i am useing a 1/8in endmill how can i get an exact fit for what i need

How much smaller or bigger are things coming out?

How are you determining the original size?

Which toolpath are you applying?

Post the file?

Are you making sure to use the correct inner/outer option for your contour operations


Are cuts mostly accurate, but just ‘slightly’ off?

If you just set up the machine for the first time, It could mean that the machine needs to be squared, the z axis to be trammed, and the belts tuned. If you’re looking for high levels of precision (like making interlocking pieces), these are essential steps to getting accuracy. There are lots of great instructional guides on how to do this on this very forum. Also check your stepper motor belt gears to make sure that they’re not slipping on the stepper motor spindles.

If the cuts are way off, like scaled wrong or stretched, it could be any number of things. More detail & pictures might help us diagnose the issue.

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