Newbie uk- Advice/help needed please

Just joined this community and lost a few hours reading/learning, so long story short i am considering buying the shapeoko 3 xxl to make personalised signs, one big question is are they fairly user friendly?
Best place to buy in the uk?-looked at the robotshop but they are out of stock. anyone in the uk selling one?
What else would any of you recommend to get with it?-ie touch probe, t track and clamp set?
Best place to learn/ gain info on usage etc

thanks in advance

Thank you for your interest!

We have tried very hard to make the machines easy and straight-forward to use, but some folks would claim that they’re like Unix, picky about whom they are willing to be friends with.

Fablabfactory ought to be a good choice for a reseller, at least until Brexit:

For accessories, if you’re not willing to work up your own workholding (we have tutorials at: and ) the T-track kit is probably your best bet.

Everything you need to know to use the machine ought to be at: and if you have any questions we can help if you e-mail us at — folks here can be very helpful as well, for things suited to a public forum — your choice on which you choose.

There’s also a wiki, but it’s arguably more a personal notebook than a useful resource:

I hope this helps!


Thanks for taking the time to reply and for the information, will have a read.
Thanks again

The Shapeoko XXL is a great piece of kit with excellent support from Carbide, and this and other forums!
The you will find the accompanying software pretty easy, and usefull, but as your sign making gets more upscale you will likely upgrade-based on what you grow into doing on your machine-It can do sooo much more than the great work it goes for signs!
The best place to learn is where ever you set up your machine! Reading will help, but as with most things. there is no substitute for first hand experience. Get some good clamps, an assortment of bits(including some cheapies to learn with), and some material to play with!
You cant go wrong with it! It is extraordinarily versatile, and unbelievably well supported! If you haven’t download the software and get a computer/tablet/etc ready and familiarize yourself with the software.

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You should talk to Luke over at Mr. Beaver. He is local to England and probably would be your best source for UK owners. He is here on the forum. Look him up.

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Where are you based?

Hi, based in Nottingham in the east midlands .

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