Newby here have some questions with issues on xxl

I recently purchased the XXL already had a belt snap. But other issues I cannot figure out is why my router cants off to the left when it goes down. I have squared thr machine and tightened the wheels. Also having an issue with the wasteboard not getting flush despite having the machine leveled and surfacing multiple times? Can anyone help?

Is it possible that you’re plunging so deep that the Z axis is coming off at the bottom of the rails? How high is your router mounted in the mount? Is it all of the way down?


Another possible reason: Are the eccentric wheels tightened properly?

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The router is all the way down.

The eccentric wheels are also tightened

Are the springs attached properly?

Most likely you’re plunging too far / fast in too hard a material.

Adjust feeds and speeds and your depth per pass appropriately. A good testing technique is:

Leaving a roughing clearance and taking a finishing pass helps as well.

Using a CAM tool which ramps in helps as well.

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Just how tight are those wheels? They just need to touch the rails slightly (I mean the adjustable ones…with the cams). Grasp the router assembly to see if there is any “slop.” Then make sure to take note of what the more experienced guys are saying.

I’m a noob as well. It took me a couple of tries to figure out and get those adjustments right. I’m still working at it but I’ve not had anymore wheels fall off or any “chatter” in any of my recent cuts. I’m feigning right now though because of all this Valentines Day and other real life stuff I have not had a chance to do any Shapeokoing since Tuesday night! I gotta get my fix tomorrow!!!

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