No drill tiling with meshcam and S3

Hey gang, I’ll have a tutorial up shortly but I was too excited to not share a little now.
This is a martian landscape shot from NASA being carved in poplar on my S3. It’s 11 inches wide and 20 inches long, well outside of my S3 cut area. The model was made from a bmp uploaded into meshcam. I then took meshcam and carved up the file into 4 pieces,11x5 each, and created gcode. To stitch the entire system together I took a handful of set screws ( and filed the tips to a fine point. I then screwed them up through the bottom of my threaded table so the tips pointed up towards the bottom of my stock. The table is 50mm on center, so after setting a few screws at the top of the table to act as a straight edge for my Y axis, I set my stock and screwed the set screws up until they dimpled the bottom of the poplar. I now had dimples at 50mm intervals in a straight line on the bottom of the board. I would cut 5 inches , then move the stock down 5 inches so that the first set screw dimple now rested on top of the last set screw point and then fired off the next file. No lines, no gaps and no holes to worry about. The dimples pop right out with a little steam or they can be sanded off. Tutorial soon, but had to share :smiley:


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