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I have my first project on my XXL that will use 32" of area. I know 32" is the max on my machine but now i am not sure how to use my probe to set my bit. I usually use the corner option to set my board. How can I do this now as I dont have any room for the machine to move to the sides of the probe block. Thanks

If your project will tolerate a little bit of X/Y zeroing error (for example if you are cutting piece out of a slightly oversized stock), then you could just eyeball X/Y zero (and possibly use a vbit to set X and Y, it’s easier to see where the center of the tool is), and then you can still use the probe to set Z zero by placing it completely on top of the stock somewhere, and selecting the Z probe action in CM menus.


I do have about an inch oversize mdf so I can do that. I have never set the x/y manually so will have to learn that.

For oversize work, setting the X/Y to the center (you can still set the Z with the Probe) has worked best for me…if the material is a little oversize because I don’t need to be exact…(meaning I place my cutter eye-ball over the center X pencil mark.)


Thanks for the reply, I will try this today.

Sounds like you have an xxl. The xxl I have will travel exactly 32 5/8 jogging. However if you jog all the way to the left and turn the Shapeoko off you can push the gantry about another inch to the left. The latest version of CM sets the jog limits however the machine can travel further because they have reduced X travel to accommodate dust collection like the suckit. You can manually set the travel dimensions in the configurations and send them and get increased travel. So that way you can use your BitZero to set up on a corner if you want. The configuration controls the jogging but if you tell the router to try to move past the mechanical limits of the Shapeoko the belt and motor will just grind away but if you are jogging the limits stop the movement before grinding can occur.

A few weeks ago I cut a piece that was to be cut out was 32 inches long and the material was 32.5. I jogged my router to the back with a 1/4 inch bit and pushed the part up against the bit and secured it. The front of the piece was sticking off the front but I jogged and still had room for travel to set my BitZero on the corner and set up.

If you have a BitSetter you may need to remove it and disable it in CM in the configuration. Just set your zeros manually and the Z with a piece of paper.

You can set X and Y zero by using your bit and jog up against each edge and set zero, then jog over 1/2 the distance of your bit and set zero again. So if you have a 1/4 inch bit you jog up against the left side and set X zero. Then jog the bit up and over in the X direction 1/8 inch and set X zero again. Then repeat this for the Y and you have set the corner position for X and Y. To set Z just jog up and over the surface and jog down with a piece of paper under the bit. wiggle the paper around as you jog down with the bit and when the paper wont move any more stop and set Z zero.

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