No script in my Text in newly downloaded cc

(Ricky McLeroy) #1

I recently downloaded CC, and do not have any “script” in the text, ie Edwardian Script.

(William Adams) #2

Carbide Create doesn’t bundle any typefaces and uses the fonts which are installed in your operating system.

For Edwardian Script you’ll either need to install an application or a version of Windows which bundles it, or purchase it from a vendor which carries ITC fonts such as:

One source for free fonts is:

(Ricky McLeroy) #3

Thanks, brand new to the CNC group, half way through building my xxl. Should finish it today.

(William Adams) #4

That’s great! If you have any difficulties or other questions, feel free to post them here, or to

(Ricky McLeroy) #5

I down loaded some text from font squirrel, but how do I get it into CC.

(William Adams) #6

Quit out of Carbide Create, install the fonts into your operating system (usually double clicking them, then choosing “Install” works) then open up Carbide Create again — not that the fonts may not be alphabetized where you expect, so you may have to search for them.

(Ricky McLeroy) #7

Ok, thanks for the help.